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 Commissions 2017 ~OPEN!!

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Commissions 2017 ~OPEN!! Empty
PostSubject: Commissions 2017 ~OPEN!!   Commissions 2017 ~OPEN!! Icon_minitimeSat Apr 29, 2017 12:38 am

Commission ToS
Must always pay beforehand when commissioning me via method you're using (paypal ($) or chatlands deltas).
My art is NOT allowed on worlize nor Crystalin Forest.
Always fill out the form when ordering a commission from me.
During your time of commission, do NOT rush me to get it finished but you're allowed to check in once a while for updates.
If there's a watermark, do NOT remove it please unless notify.
These commissions are nonrefundable since they're fairly low in price and will redo until you're satisfied with the results.
No limit on amount of commissions you wanna order.
May reupload my art on your Deviantart or Fur Affinity page but only with given credit and users be reported if no credit given.
You may sell my art with characters that's being sold/up for sale which includes commissions, freebies and ych's but not premade poses.
Must have permission from me for using on any chatlands as using as a chatland pose.


Chatlands Username:
DeviantArt Username:
Payment Method (chatland deltas or paypal):
Order Amount (how many you're ordering):
Type (pixel, fullbody, icon, etc...):
Positions (sit, lay, enter, rollover, etc...):
Total (payment total):

WILL draw:
any canine species (no wings, anthro's and ferals), equines/horses (no wings, ferals), birds, plushies

WON'T draw:
felines, nsfw/nudity, wings, reptiles, landscapes/backgrounds

0.05 deltas-0.10 deltas

Payment Method
Paypal: arcticruby24@gmail.com
Chatland Deltas: Titania

Art Examples:
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Commissions 2017 ~OPEN!!
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