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 Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!]

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Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!] Empty
PostSubject: Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!]   Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!] Icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2016 9:48 pm

Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!] OMDXxbi

These are prices for digital commissions ONLY! Anyone who is interested in Traditional commissions can find prices here.

Examples of my artwork can be found here.

Things to know:
I ONLY draw canines as of now!
I will not create a character for you!
You must provide a reference for your character.
My commissions will always be open unless stated otherwise.
I will PM you a WIP of your commission. If you want me to continue with it, you must pay in full or I will recycle it.
If I cannot complete your commission I will refund you in full.
Please don't push me to finish your commission or I won't finish it all. They take me 1-10 days to finish depending on the complexity.
Sometimes I will be busy and not have time to finish your commission within 10 days. I will notify you of the hold up if this happens.
I do not have slots, but I usually start about 3 commissions at a time. I will accept more as I finish them.

All prices listed below are USD (PayPal only), but if you'd prefer to pay in deltas they are double (Ex. $1/2.00).
Local deltas are accepted (Sirisola only), as are dA points.

Please send payment via PayPal to huffmanhaley22@gmail.com, to user Paradox on Chatlands, or to xo-Seraphim on deviantart.

Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!] WCPL8Ik
Headshot $2
Bust $2
Fullbody Feral $5
Fullbody Furry $8

Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!] 82vBBRc
Headshot $3
Bust $3/6.00
Fullbody Feral $8
Fullbody Furry $10

Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!] F0OLUIc
Headshot $5
Bust $5
Fullbody Feral $10
Fullbody Furry $12

Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!] PGIZNHL
Includes: Feral form, Furry form, Headshot, likes/dislikes, name, background of your choice. Clothing such as: lingerie, tight shirts, shorts, socks, and skinny jeans are included for no charge. I can't draw baggy clothes or shoes very well whoops
also this doesn't include shading bc i need hella practice

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Para's Digital Commissions! [OPEN!]
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