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PostSubject: Wing Queen   Wing Queen Icon_minitimeThu Feb 04, 2016 6:56 pm

I've pretty much used the same introduction (just copy and paste) along multiple websites. I've done that again here but tweaked a few things to be relevant to me at this point in my life.


Hello! I'm Echelon but feel free to also call me by my real name, Ebony. It may take me by surprise at first (if I don't know you personally) but I really don't mind which name you use, I respond to both.

- Australia.
- Twenty three.
- Water addict.
- Dark angel.
- Night owl.
- Introvert.
- Aquarius.
- Dreamer.
- Echelon.

| »§» | Ebunny | «§» | Wing Queen | «§» | Junebug | «§» | Queen of Hens | «§» | Beautiful Catness | «§» | Mother Duck | «§« |

I'm a 23 year old female who believes she is genuinely addicted to water. I drink A LOT of it. I live in Australia on the east coast. I currently work as a Business Admin at a landscaping company, I take care of all the official paperwork within the company along with writing up contracts and other general office work.

Some of my main hobbies include photography, surfing, cooking and reading.. (and occasionally writing but sadly, I can never find the time or motivation as of late). As a result of reading a lot, I try to write whenever I can - mostly it's just free verse poetry and a lot of my larger pieces are still private and WIPs.

As for photography, I love it simply due to where I live, in terms of scenery my current location has so much for me to take photos of and it's always been appealing to me. Lately, I normally lack the time to go out and actually dedicate a period time to taking photos with my camera but I still try to get any quick snaps from my phone if I can!

I'm a gamer in the sense that I -watch- games rather than play them, I enjoy them way more that way. I follow many people who stream them and do my best to follow the gaming community (for each game that I'm interested in) as it progresses after release. The only real game that I play (as well as watch/follow) often is League of Legends. Even though the community isn't that great, the game (and artwork *_*) has always been something I really like, so I've kept with it.

I'm a big movie buff too! I always try to see movies I'm interested in on the big screen for the best experience. I don't like any particular genre of movie, it really all depends on the story. I LOVE movies that catch me by surprise. Same for TV shows! But when it comes to TV shows I normally watch comedies and crime. Also, traditional Disney movies give me all the feels.
Anime is also another thing that catches my interest quite often. I generally forget how much I love it until I watch something and then I wonder why I don't watch anime all the time.

Lastly.. I'm a cat person! While I also love dogs, birds, reptiles and almost all other animals/pets, cats are always my #1 favourite :P

I guess that's all for now? Sorry, this is long.. heh. If you wanna get to know me try and catch me when I'm active or private message me! Or even leave a comment here about anything you want to know, I'm a pretty open person for the most part.
Also, feel free to ask me any and all random questions.. I generally don't have a boundary~

Hope you enjoyed reading!

Contact -
1. Email: ebonyragozat@hotmail.com
2. Skype: EchelonSohma (or search the email listed above^ as they're linked)
3. Discord: Ebunny#3869
4. Steam: Ebunnnny
5. Snapchat: ebonyragozat

Chatland related -
1. Characters
2. Photography
3. Writing

Offsite links -
1. Furaffinity (<-- currently in the process of making a new one, so will update this at any time)
2. Tumblr
3. Twitter
4. DeviantART (<-- currently don't use actively but I'm slowly getting back into it)
5. Twitch
6. Instagram
7. Pinterest

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PostSubject: Re: Wing Queen   Wing Queen Icon_minitimeSun Feb 07, 2016 9:57 pm

Nice to meet you Eche! Hopefully we can chat sometime :)
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PostSubject: Re: Wing Queen   Wing Queen Icon_minitimeThu Apr 13, 2017 4:40 am

Hello! It's been a while since I've visited here so I decided to revamp this introduction post! :>
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PostSubject: Re: Wing Queen   Wing Queen Icon_minitime

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