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 "Ew what did the cat drag in"

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"Ew what did the cat drag in" Empty
PostSubject: "Ew what did the cat drag in"   "Ew what did the cat drag in" Icon_minitimeThu Nov 19, 2015 11:52 pm

ew its me
Hii Im orizal Or Ori as you may call me. I`m currently 16(My birthday is July the 9th) and smol Here are some things about me:

My real name:Jat(Ori)a huehue

Cuddling,Friends,Not having this empty feeling,Calm,Warm colors,Fall time,Rabbits,Corgis,Deer,Birds,Butterflies,SLEEP,Surrounded by people that care :) Drawing(even if Im very bad)

Rude people,Racism,Discrimination of any type,being approached suddenly,Getting yelled at,SPIDERS,Hate,Abuse of any type,Being Abandoned or Betrayed.

I`m a hetero-Demi sexual single sad sack most of the time.
I wont bite you I might be scared at first because I may not know you,But I will warm up eventually :)
I`ve never been an admin or anything like that despite being on chats for maybe 6 years??Which is almost half my life.
I am currently attending my Junior year of High school.
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"Ew what did the cat drag in"
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