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 Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon

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PostSubject: Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon   Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon Icon_minitimeTue Dec 12, 2017 12:50 am


(Taken from my TOS)


>> My freebies are currently allowed as avatars on the chatsites Chatlands and Wolfing. Do not, under any circumstances, use them on Worlize.

>> If there is a signature on the piece you want to use, do not erase it. If you have a reason for wanting to remove it (for example, using a base as an avatar on permitted chatsites), please ask me first before doing so.

>> Do not re-upload any of my BLANK freebies. If you want to upload a colored version of your own, you may do so. Please just remember to credit me accordingly (and provide a link back to me in the description of the submission).

>> Making SLIGHT modification to my freebies is permitted. Please do not modify past recognition.

>> You may only use my freebies to make a profit under certain conditions. I.E.: If you are using my free-to-use bases/linearts to make adoptable designs with, then you may make a cash profit off them. If you are only coloring a pose for another user, you may only charge DIGITAL currency.
NEVER try to sell off my original freebies of any kind.

Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon Silver_lining___free_to_use_base___transparent__by_aethongryphon-dcqmixo
Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon Free_cheeb_pose_by_aethongryphon-dbtdzx1
Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon Little_wonders____free_pose_by_aethongryphon-dbn2eyc
Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon Free_to_use___wolf_base___transparent_lineart__by_aethongryphon-dcb13bv
Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon Grump__freebie_by_aethongryphon-dcm8h91
Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon Free_to_use___canine_sitting_pose_by_aethongryphon-dagqt4x
Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon Free_to_use__floofy_chibi_base____transparent_v___by_aethongryphon-db95j3i

It's quiet uptown.
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Laika / Cruise / AethonGryphon
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