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 BerceuseVartiter's Life & Interests

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PostSubject: BerceuseVartiter's Life & Interests   BerceuseVartiter's Life & Interests Icon_minitimeWed Sep 21, 2016 4:32 pm

Who am I?
Greetings, fellow chatlands and forums members!

My real name is Andrea.
Gender is female.
Birthday & Age are January 4th, 1994 (22).
Sexuality is Bisexual and Asexual.
Living in Michigan, United States of America.
Martial status is non-married/single.
Pets includes 2 budgies and a cockatiel.
Been on chatlands for about 4-6 years & deviantART for about 2-3 years.

Real Life: Had an tough life without an father growing up throughout childhood with stepfathers. She felt sad and alone all throughout school with barely any friends to talk too or to share stories with. Even her two brothers would told on her even if it wasn't her fault when it was their's to their parents. When she gotten into middle school like the first two years she joined their wrestling team. She never won a match throughout those two years but she had fun while it lasted until the day she had to move away. She never went back into wrestling after that, after all it was getting too competitive for her to continue. Mainly she just focused on school like usual but being new to new surroundings was a tough road ahead of her. One day, she gotten a note from a guy on her bus that was asking her out and she said yea. But after a week, they broke up and found out he didn't felt the same as her so she was heartbroken. After another 2 years, she moved away again leaving her old friends to a new school and surroundings. Before that summer ended, she and her mother took a 2 week trip to the Grand Canyon. It was amazing sight to see and wasn't as hot as she thought it would be but it sure was spectacular. They took pictures and to this day they still have them when they went on that trip and someday going again and walking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, Arizona. She then continued focused on school again those 3 last years of high school even though she gotten in trouble once that first year she was there. She graduated in 2012, as her graduation present from her older brother (guessing so), she and her mother went to Fairbanks, Alaska.  Seeing all the mountains was amazing as well but not more than the Grand Canyon. Nothing can compare or beat to the Grand Canyon in my opinion. Wasn't all too thrilled to seeing my older brother since he missed my graduation and graduation party but was sort of happy to see him after so long after all he's in the U.S. Army. That winter after getting back from Alaska and settling down for some months, I gotten my own apartment.  Just me and Snowy, the happiest we could be and that christmas I gotten a cockatiel (buddy) for Snowy so she wouldn't be lonely while I am gone during the days. That cockatiel developed a thing for Snowy the next year once she gotten used too her surroundings and everything. I moved back into my mother's apartment in 2013 and here I am today in 2016 still living in the same apartment.

Personality: trustworthy, honest, caring, loyalty, sassy, sweet-hearted, protective.

Character: An angel once you get to know her if you take the time to discover information about her. Tends to be alone and silent mostly unless being accompanied by her dearest/truest friends and girlfriend/boyfriend (if has one). Does loves to meet new people and make some friends since she becomes very lonely and depressed at times. Does get concerned and worried about other's whenever they may be down about something in their lives. Currently runs a small successful animal shelter with all species of animals with Lola and Jessica.

Loves: friends, music, poetry, photography, fashion, bird-watching, arting, anime.
Hates: bullies/haters, harassment, rudeness, rumors, ignorance, racism.

Bands/Artists: BTS, Nightcore, Selena Gomez, Girl's Generation, Jasmine V, Jojo, Faydee, Cady Groves, Deuce, Ciara, Cade, Sistar, SHINee, Chris Brown, EXO, 2NE1, U-Kiss, Pink Floyd, Fall Out Boy, Linkin Park, Green Day, Three Days Grace, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Twenty One Pilots, Fifth Harmony, Maroon 5, etc...

Hobbies: bird-watching, digital coloring/drawing, poetry, music, watching movies.
Outdoor Activities: biking, walking/hiking, swimming, beach, boating, 4-wheeling.

Anime: Sword Art Online Series, I Love You, Attack on Titan, Pokemon Series, Death Note, Vampire Knight, Wolf's Rain, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruit's Basket, Blood+, Shounen Onmyouji, Amnesia, Haganai, Haganai Next, Kamisama Kiss.

~Food: chicken alfredo, shells mac & cheese.
~Games: Last Moon, GTA V, Sims.
~Colors: red, pink, black, light blue, pastels.
~Movies: Titanic, Wrong Turn Series, High Strung, Zootopia.
~Animals: wolves, horses, birds, fennec foxes.
~Song: BTS-Save Me, Ann Marie-Tell Me Lies.
~TV Shows: Victorious, Scooby Doo, NCIS, Walking Dead.
~Music Genres: hip-hop, pop, classical, rock, dubstep, kpop.
~Flowers: red & pink roses, carnations.
~Dogs: king charles cocker spaniel, german shepards, huskies.
~Jewelry: necklaces, anklets, bracelets, rings.

Contacts Information
Email: diabloayame@gmail.com
Skype: oblivionayame
Wolfing: Vartiter
Chatlands: BerceuseVartiter/FennekinSnowy
DeviantART: DemonessHantu
Kik: HantuKopek (rarely on anymore)

*Note: Message me either on forums, deviantART or chatlands that you'll be adding any of them, please!*
*Feel free to ask any questions, I'll respond with my best abilities with answers.*

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PostSubject: Re: BerceuseVartiter's Life & Interests   BerceuseVartiter's Life & Interests Icon_minitimeWed Sep 21, 2016 5:33 pm

Welcome to Sirisola! Alaska seems so fun I have always wanted to go there. c: I saw the grand canyon from a plane once! but never got to see it up close. Haha cx
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BerceuseVartiter's Life & Interests
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