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 Xanthe - Three's Free services!

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PostSubject: Xanthe - Three's Free services!   Xanthe - Three's Free services! Icon_minitimeFri Jul 08, 2016 12:49 am

Xanthe - Three wrote:
Please Note: My free services are mainly only for the use during the week of free subs, this might change though (:
What I can do:
Pose colouring
Removing of the loose pixels
Modding (slight, unless stated otherwise in rules, but probably only slight.)

What I wont do:
Draw poses, headshots, etc
Pose search for you
Buy poses/FP for you

Please do not submit more than 5 poses to me at once, there are other people who do free services out there, break the poses up i suppose.
Do not beg me to do your poses first/sooner then someone else. It will only take me longer to get to yours.
*Rules may be added, Brain fart.

To get me to do free services all you have to do is;
1. Leave a comment with the links of the pose(s) you want me to do.
2. Leave the link of the blank/uncoloured pose along with the coloured version
3. Leave your username on chats, or just tell me if you want me to PM you the pose(s) via Forum PM

Colouring examples
These characters, belong to me, please do not copy/use them, or the poses with the character coloured onto them in any form, I DO NOT take credit for any of the lineart and/or poses used in these examples, unless stated otherwise.

Xanthe - Three's Free services! Trash_that_i_spent_like_80000_billion_hours_on_by_paranoiaced-da8o7lv

Xanthe - Three's Free services! A_thing_by_paranoiaced-da93brj

@Xanthe wrote:
Character now belongs to Cynoxus

Xanthe - Three's Free services! Qlbz2Fv

Xanthe - Three's Free services! X5YhEOl
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Xanthe - Three's Free services!
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