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 YCH poopydoop $5

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PostSubject: YCH poopydoop $5   YCH poopydoop $5 Icon_minitimeFri Jul 01, 2016 2:17 pm

YCH poopydoop $5 HaafETD

I'm willing to add things like horns, long teeth, piercings, and crappy little necklaces, but I will NOT change the ears.
Would be via PayPal, say.. $5 each?
Yes it's premade by me and will be used over and over but

Yes, it will be lined.
No, I won't do backgrounds. The background will be transparent blank.

If you are looking to buy, then comment below. I'll give you my PayPal.
- I expect you to link a ref in the comment.
- I want payment before I start. (Please give me your username in the PayPal 'extra comments' section or whatever, or note/PM me on chats what your username + PayPal is).

Ask me about delta prices if you do not wish to use PayPal.

If you have any questions then just ask
I won't attack you

Thanks, and have a good one.


(Yes, chatlands Dan).
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YCH poopydoop $5
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