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 Odi's Coloring Tent (Open Now)

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PostSubject: Odi's Coloring Tent (Open Now)   Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:21 pm

Yes ive finally decided after a couple months to start offerring my coloring services. Um im not too far into doing intermediate or advanced markings yet, So please be a bit easy on me. Also i dont know when ill be open just yet, but  it will be soon. i will give you my prices and a few example of my work. If you find that my work is up to your standards then ill be happy to be of service to you, and will have much fun trying my best to do what i can for you. I love a challenge, but like i said ive only been coloring for a couple months, SO GO EASY ON ME "laughs".

Prices for my Basic coloring: 0.25 deltas, $.25.

Deltas go to Odisious on chatlands.
money goes to paypal justinmichaelready@icloud.com

Examples of my work:





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Odi's Coloring Tent (Open Now)
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